About The Shanti Method

What is the future of the world? No, really! What is the future of our world? If you could see it through my eyes, it would be very clear. Our children are the future of the world. They hold the key that unlocks a new way of being. What is it that we don’t like from our current society, and what do we wish our political or spiritual leaders did differently? It all comes down to our embeded cycle of human values, and the nurturing paths we open for those behind us.

My name is Delssy, and I wish to change the world one kid at a time. There, I said it. As phony as it may sound for some of you, that is the mission of “The Shanti Method.” I am a behavior therapist with almost ten years of experience working with children of special needs and teaching families how to help their children to acquire new skills, as well as reduce unwanted behaviors. But when it comes to your own child, that’s when the real learning begins.  Aside from meaning “inner peace” in sanskrit, “Shanti” is my daughter’s name. In her short  four years of life, she has been the reason that keeps me in constant research for the best possible methods for guiding her, while preserving that inner wisdom every kid brings to this world. As impossible as this mission may seem while I write these words, I know some parents will resonate with the fact that OUR CHILDREN ARE THE EXTENSION OF OUR OWN DEVELOPMENT AS CONSCIOUS BEINGS, AND WILL REPRESENT US WHEN WE ARE GONE. Of course, this mission means nothing if I’m in it alone. But don’t worry, I have an endless source of inspiration to show you how this is possible. If one other parent or educator finds in “The Shanti Method” a useful guide for making a difference in a child’s life, I will consider my mission accomplished!

Welcome to The Shanti Method.

By: Delssy Cabrera.

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